Level shift and driver for bridge switching wanted.

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Good day to all,
my name is Tim and english is not my native language. Therefore I ask for your indulgence if it is a bit bumpy.

I want to build a bridge circuit to convert a voltage of 1000V DC to a square wave signal 1000V AC. The voltage is not that important. So whether it is then 950 V or 105V AC at the output is not so important. As input I have 1000V and I want to convert it to a square wave signal via the bridge.

It is about a frequency of 333kHz. As IC I have chosen and built the SG3525.

It is important to me that I can set the frequency in a report from 300 to 360 kHz and that the frequency is then held as accurately as possible. Important to me is the range around 333kHz and that must be adjustable.

As load I want to connect a transformer. The transformer will have about 2000 VA. I do not need a short circuit resistance.

I have already built the SG3525 and can adjust the frequency with a potentiometer. That fits already.

What I am missing now is the right Mosfet. I would like to use a SiC Mos. The current that can be switched can be higher than necessary.


However, I am still missing the right driver for the SiC. Also the voltage adjustment on the high side is still a problem.

Can someone give me a tip here?

If it is possible for you, please use simple language. I have to translate everything into German.

Thanks for the help and greetings from the old world.