Let's change my RAV4 Prime EV pedestrian warning sound

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Hello all. I have basic knowledge of electronics so I hope you can help me change (or improve) my car's EV sound. While other EVs' pedestrian warning signals sound cool and futuristic, I don't like the sound of the RAV4 so I'd like to replace it with maybe something like Darth Vader breathing (LOL) or another cool sound. I'm not supposed to disconnect the pedestrian warning sound speaker (by Federal law, it's required) but I can use it to trigger my new sounding device. (If the speaker is removed, the RAV4's computer will detect tampering and will render the car undriveable until reconnected or serviced.)

The soundboard I'll be using is a playback module capable of playing MP3 files. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0C9J7XGW6 This is the easy part.

The trigger is the tricky part. https://cebek.co.uk/Item/cebek-pm-14-vox-controlled-relay-switch-module-with-microphone I'm thinking of placing a microphone by the existing speaker then muffling the speaker (since, again, I don't like how it sounds) where the mic will pick up the original sound and trigger this sound activated relay (PM-14). That relay will trigger the soundboard to play the audio I want and hopefully as long as it's sensing sound from the existing speaker (sound comes ON at speeds of 0-20 MPH) then the relay (Normally Closed) is activated. If not a microphone, maybe I can tap into the existing speaker's wiring and just connect it directly to a PM-11 https://cebek.co.uk/Item/cebek-pm-11-audio-signal-controlled-relay-switch-module




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You could try to measure the voltage across the rav speaker and see what it is, AC or DC, then you can replace it with a resistor to fool the computer, and use an op amp to drive a relay...