LED Pool Light Repair - Waterproof PCB #2

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Hi All,

My name is Steve. First post to this board hoping I would get some guidance.

I have an LED Pool light that has gone bad after about 2 years of sporadic use. The manufacturer claims 50K hours life on the LED's but reviews all over the internet say you are lucky to get 3 years out of these things. And of course as with everything to do with pools a replacement is upwards of $900.00US. I am in the automotive field and regularly send out ABS and other modules for repair of board components so I figured someone must have started a business saving people $900 every few years. To my surprise the only reference I found to one was in Australlia. So I am on here trying to see if this is something I can fix myself. My previous experience is repairing my Flat screen TV power supply with about 5 new capacitors and that sucker is still going strong 5 years later! Hoping this light is as easy! Hope, Hope.

Condition: When 120 Volts is applied to the board the LED's sort of Pulse/cycle. Now when working properly and not paired up to it's controller I think the LED's slowly cycle tough the different colors until the controller (communicates through radio frequency I assume) pics a color to display. What I have noticed is none of the Red LED's are working, just Blue and Green and those Pulse a you can see in the video below.

Anyway here are some details
Manufacturer of Light: Jandy / Zodiac
Part Number: Entire unit: CPHVLEDS150 PCB Assembly: R0474100
PCB Manufacturer: ColorKenetics.com PCB ID: PCB-000364-00 Rev 04

Here is a video of what happens with I give it power:

Some Questions:
I tried re-soldering one of the capacitors and it was very difficult. There seems to be a layer of film over the entire board. I would guess this is some sort of water repellent. Is it possible to repair boards with such a coating? Or is it a one use sort of deal? The PCB is in a sealed Enclosure and was dry when i removed it so i am guessing if there is a film it's just there for a precaution as this is installed under water.

Should I try to get the red LED's working first? Could that be he cause of the pulsing if one whole leg of LED's is out?

Thanks for any suggestions!

***how are you testing the light disconnected from the box?***


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The board itself can probably be repaired as long as it hasnt suffered any water damage. I think from a repair point of view most people would be looking at the liabilty involved but I am sure therr is someone out there that can repair it. It doesnt look like there is much in the way of components. As for the coating, it is called conformal coating and there afe many different types. You cam also look up potting.
You could also Google "Circuit Board Medics". They do some amazing things with broken circuit boards.
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