LED notification for 50% duty cycle


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For that process to succeed there needs to be basic levels of understanding. You need to acquire certain basic levels of understating before you can work in a group. No group I have ever seen wants somebody to walk in and say "show me how to solve this problem". The cooperative model requires that everyone have the potential to contribute. I can't tell you how many times an alternate viewpoint has challenged me to improve my own solutions. That only happens when you can follow the discussion.
I know, isn't it wonderful that they have some education. It is also true that we don't let 22-year old fresh graduates decide how to do their first projects either. They are managed and well supervised at first until they work thorough the process a few times. Oh, wait, that sounds a lot like I described above. Weird.


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There are two things that are clear to me. Everything after post 15 (and some before) belongs in a new thread. And secondly, we seem to have scared off the OP.