LED light hood for aquarium fix

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Was given an LED lighthood to use if it could be fixed, trying to understand why it isn't working.
I'm a complete novice so hopefully that's okay here?

Lighhthood has two LED drivers in the power supply and runs two channels on the actual hood. i.e. 1 channel per driver.

I've tested the channel outputs at the power supply and at the led hood. They both showed voltage on both tests.
Only one channel is working, all lights work for that channel and voltage is the same across all tested LEDs for that channel.

The Broken channel gives a voltage as the wires connect to the hood but the first light shows no voltage whatsoever.
I swapped the channels out and same problem.

There are 4 leds that don't light up when using the multimeter so I thought they were dead and this was the cause like an old xmas tree lights set up but I went over each led for that channel and they all seem to be connected to the previous one although the wiring seems odd and mapped to two leds then there seems to be a positive to negative from the second to third LED and then the next two are positive to positive and negative to negative. Even when the broken leds were skipped and the previous and next led were tested they gave a reading back using the continuity settings so there appears to be no break in the circuit .

The LEDS are built into the board and then the board is covered so it looks like there is no easy way to remove the diodes, the entire board of LEDS seems to be the PCB with the LEDs built into it.

Reading at the PS was CH1: 132.4 V and CH2: 133 V, reading at the board was Ch1: 112.6 V and CH2 133 V using the AC volt setting /200 And the working LEDs are showing 6.5 V.

PS says total 60WX3W.

Each LED has a little +/- space that I could wire up to bypass the broken LEDs but I am unsure of that will do anything considering there is a circuit there already.

Can attach a terrible wiring diagram and photos of the board if need be, at this stage I am keen to get some advice on how to proceed.
Anything would be helpful.

Thanks in advance