Led foot well lights

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John appleseed

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So i installed rgb IR controlled led light strips in the foot wells of my truck. I put them on a relay that gets triggered from the cargo lamps relay’s switched Negitive that is controlled by the bcm. I did this so when i unlock the truck or open a door they turn on. I ran power from the battery to a three position switch aswell as I fed the relay and relays comon from the same line and Put the relays normally open on the 2 position of the three postion switch that way when they switch is in the first postion i have Constant power to my lights and when the switch is in The second position it is on the relay so that they automatically turn on when the doors are open (relay is triggered). Now heres my problem. The lights flash once before staying on, its a brief flash but its kind of annoying other than that everything works fine. Its not from the relay flyback voltage i have the flyback diode in place also when i remove the relay completely it still will have the flash. The kit came with a cigarette lighter plug in piece that has a button on it so as a test i plugged the rgb box To it and when i press the button the lights turn on with out the flash. For some reason on my setup the lights flash for a milisecond before turning on and im not sure how to fix this does anyone have any ideas?