Learning AutoCAD electrical

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I took a class in college covering Autocad electrical, but now that im using it at work im seeing that I only scratched the surface in that class

Im creating drawings for some older equipment and Im having trouble with creating foot prints and assigning numbers outside of autonumbering

are there any online tutorials or classes any of you would recommend?


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There are NUMEROUS tutorials on the Autodesk website.
Also tons on youtube,etc...
I'm sure your VAR (value added reseller) also has classes in different levels.. beginner to advanced

And of course the forums on the Autodesk site would be far better than asking here..
In general the user base on the Autodesk forums are excellent and very helpful..


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By Foot prints, I assume you mean Blocks?
Autocad is very open s/w and you can do alot of cutomization for autonumbering with something called AutoLISP if you cannot find exactly what you need.
Autocad used to use a method of pulldown display of blocks called Slide library which unfortunately they dropped in favor of the Tool Pallete.
As well as on line help it is nice to have a instructional manuals that take you through different exercises in order to get further acquainted.
I picked up a whole box of Autocad books from Abebooks clearing house for a song.
You may also find a source of symbols for certain disciplines on line in order to aquire a file of blocks.