Leader Model LBO-525L

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    Sep 19, 2016
    Found a Leader Model LBO-525L for a $60. Comes with a matched pair Coline low capacitance 250 Mhz bandwidth probes, a accessory pouch, mounting panel, and a aluminum front dust cover . I was hoping to get some input on it.
    Would this be a good scope to buy?
    Is $60 a decent price to pay for it?
    The seller says it is fully calibrated, and will hook it to a function generator to show me.
    Any info is appreciated.

    What say you....

  2. ci139


    Jul 11, 2016
    Increasing Measurement Sensitivity p.54
    LBO-525L Min. Vertical Sensitivity 5 mV/div would then state for ...
    "For example, to provide a two-division high display of a 20 mV peak-topeak signal, the oscilloscope would require a vertical sensitivity setting of 10 mV/div. For the same two-division display of a 10 mV signal, the higher sensitivity setting of 5 mV/div would be needed."
    ±5mV per 2 div display height
    "With differential preamplifiers designed for oscilloscope use, sensitivities on the order of 10 µV/div can be attained. These specially designed preamplifiers have features that allow useable oscilloscope measurements on signals as small as 5 µV, even in high noise environments!"
    it seems it does not matter so much how much you pay for your scope but the range extenders ...
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