Laptop charger led turns off when plugged in and the laptop does not start on battery

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I had this problem some days ago.
The problem start: I left the laptop opened and running on the charger while the battery was full charged and after I returned to it after sometime I found it closed and does not boot up when I press the power button. I tried removing the charger and reconnecting it but I figured that the charger led turned off immediately upon connecting it to the laptop port and I heard arcing sound in the port!
I suspected the charger was damaged and tested with another charger and got the same result so the charger is functioning well, seems a short circuit in the laptop. During this time the laptop was not starting when I press the power button no matter how long I press.
After some trials I plugged the charger into the laptop again and it didn't arc and the led didn't turn off! I then pressed the power button and the laptop booted normally and I saw the battery was still nearly fully charged! The laptop returned to work with and without the charger just like before.
After two days I turned on the laptop and the battery was near full, then I connected the charger to the laptop while it is working and immediately the charger led turned off and the laptop turned off. The problem came back: the laptop doesn't turn on and the charger led turns off and makes arc sound immediately on nearly plugging into the laptop port!

I searched on the web and found similar issues, some said that is was a short in the power circuit and others said it may be the motherboard.
I don't have enough experience or the tools to disassemble the laptop and diagnose the problem so I plan to send it to be repaired.

I'm asking to know whether these signs may indicate a short in the power supply circuit, or the motherboard?