L6235 speed control using PWM

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I am trying to control the speed of brushless DC motor by providing a PWM signal from a STM32 micro to the Vref pin of L6235 as shown below. My motor has a 1/156 gear ratio. When I apply the variable PWM to the VREF pin, it doesn't change the speed instead the motor keeps rotating and makes a huge noise. What I am missing here?

L6235 app note: https://www.st.com/resource/en/appl...shless-dc-motor-driver-stmicroelectronics.pdf
circuit diagram: https://download.mikroe.com/documen...2_click/brushless-12-click-schematic-v101.pdf



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Your capacitor may not be large enough.

What is the switching frequency of you PWM signal?
With those values for RLP and RDIV, CLP should be a minimum of FPWM / 100kHz * 10nF where FPWM is your PWM switching frequency.