Kitchen Refrigerator Power Consumption

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Most reference sources I look at for power consumption say that a 26 CF kitchen refrigerator "normally" draws 700watts running and 2200watts surge. My refrigerator has a Power Factor of 0.95 so VA is very close to Watts.

The Spec panel on the inside says 8.5Amps @ 115v so that would be 997 watts but that's nowhere close to actual.

However, my 26CF Frigidaire refrigerator normally consumes 160Watts while running (compressor running) and only 1330watts on startup.

In contrast, I have a room dehumidifier that consumes 550 watts (590 VA) when running.

Are most posted numbers for refrigerators outdated or do the numbers from my fridge seem too low? it seems to be working fine.


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Over the years they have been improving the electrical efficiency of household appliances.
Check inside your fridge for a sticker that shows the power consumption.


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Where I got those numbers from..
That's very strange ! .... 700W for a fridge/freezer ... I don't think there has been much change in the tech over past decades ...But then your chart also shows a TV consuming 500W!! A search shows the average TV is 100W ...And your chart shows a 1/3HP pump consuming 800W!!!

Put "power consumption fridge" in google search for average figures ....

A company on Alibaba sells compressors for all sizes of fridges/freezers they range from 68W to 210W they all look like this ...

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Perhaps generator needs table has a big margin to account for low power factor. Better to be on the safe side so that most of the customers get their equipment working with the recommendation.
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I guess that the table lists, what the generator power rating should be for a given appliance.
More like a wild guesstimate to ballpark how much Genset you need depending what "typical" appliances you are trying to power with it.