Kit to teach wireless comm

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Hello folks. Does anyone know if they make kits that are made to teach about wireless communications. I am envisioning a kit with a small yagi antenna, a small modulator etc to teach about wave propagation, receivers, transmitters etc. ( Just like Arduinos teach about MCUs and other kits teach about bridges, gears etc)

I looked on google and could not find any.

Ofcourse, it is possible that such a kit doesn't exist at all but thought I should ask you guys.

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Hello there :) Here is an excerpt from those wiser than myself!
You,could spend years studying the details of electromagnetism. Fortunately, you don’t need that sort of expertise to successfully design and implement RF circuits. But you do need to have a basic idea of the mysterious energy being emitted from your device’s antenna.
Now if I have peaked your curiosity please read on!