I want to teach timing diagrams to High school students, is there any good resource with practice problems?

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I want to teach timing diagrams to High school students is there any good resource with practice problems?
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What types of things do you want to teach? What grade are you teaching? Do the students have any prior exposure to electronics (e.g. logic gates, flip flops)?

Here's a timing diagram from a free logic simulator called Digital Works:

The commercial parts it has are virtually unusable, but you can define your own components as I've done for the above.

Definition of the LS92 component using built-in Digital Works components:
The hex to 7 segment decoder was a logic exercise:

It can't show propagation delays or glitches.

There are restrictions on what can be added to a "logic history". For example, I had to add LEDs to the counter outputs.


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Hi, for which grade and for which subject do you want to teach this topic? To understand the timing diagram, students should be familiar with graphs. When also have to be familiar with all the basic electrical parameters. At least they must understand what is voltage and current. And not to mention, they have to understand the units of time. If they have all these concepts clear, I think you have to make your own power point presentation. Youtube videos that are available are made for engineering students mostly.


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do you have any practice problems
No, but I might be able to make some if you can give me an idea of what you want to teach and the background of the students.

They don't need to understand many, if any, basic concepts like voltage, current, resistance, Ohm's Law, etc. But they do need to understand logic gates and flip flops. De Morgan's Law might be helpful when reading logic diagrams so they can understand that the NAND gates in the red box implement an OR function:

Do you have a background in digital electronics?

EDIT: datasheet info is from Harris/TI. Here's a timing diagram for the counter.
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