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Hope it goes well SgtWookie. Let us know how it went when you can. Get as much advice from the doctors as you can, if they say you should be resting in bed, then don't be at your desk helping people with their projects.


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I wish you all the best not only with this procedure but hopefully with more time after recovery to continue helping on this forum in the profound way which I have observed since I've been a member.

I too am a 'sufferer' of CAD having had 6 heart attacks resulting in open heart surgery and 3 stents being placed. I now have two major heart arteries completely occluded - but my last angiogram showed many collaterial arteries have formed to supply blood to the heart muscles. I am now under care of physicians who believe it is possible to cause slowing and even regression of coronary plaque and therefore reduction or even cessation of coronary events and improved heart function. This personal account is meant to offer hope for something more than what you may invision at this time. My lipid profile shows that I have two characteristics that are inherited factors which are particilarly atherosclerotic - i.e. causitive of plaque growth. They are treatable and I am hard at work at that.

And a big thank you for your service to our country!

I won't say more other than that my prayers are with you and yours during this time and if you want a link to a forum which espouses more than hope for us with a propensity to grow artery clogging plaque let me know. It is a battle to be fought on the cutting edge.
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Wishing you the best of luck, Sgt Wookie. Our hearts and prayers will be with you. It has been an honor, and I'm sure it won't stop soon! ;)

Best wishes,
Der Strom


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Hi SgtWookie, It has been good getting to know you on this forum over the past few months that I have been a member--Wish you well and a speedy recovery.

Please check out Dr. John Cooke MD on the issue of nitric oxide and L-Arginine supplementation as it has been touted the cardiovascular cure. It has been serving me well as I have been taking L-Arginine for several years and now have normal blood pressure and lots of energy--even at age 68. http://www.healthtechmall.com/physician-reference/dr-john-p-cooke-cardiovascular-expert/


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May you have the best of care, the best of luck, and a speedy recovery.

I am looking forward to your post number 21,302 and several thousand more after that.
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All the best and a swift pain-free recovery to you.

The AAC forum is holding its collective breathe as we wait for you to return with the announcement that all is well.



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Chin up Sgt Wookie, I'm sure the marines here at 40 Commando are all on your side, so we look forward to hearing how it went.

go well


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You'll be fine Srg! Good luck and I'm in Tampa so if you need anything or for some reason end up at TGH shoot me a msg and I'll come visit you to make sure your BP monitor is still working right. :) Good Luck Man, Really..

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Thanks for the thoughts, folks - it's appreciated. :)

I'm trying to get used to this "getwell network" thing they have in the room; it's a flat panel TV on the wall that's connected up to cable TV, movies, and has a simple web browser - but it's basically only good for "surfing" and E-mail; has no provisions to run any programs (such as LTSpice).

So, I'll just be in "lurk" mode until sometime tomorrow morning, when they wheel me away to surgery. Won't be back on for at least a couple days afterwards, probably Sunday at the earliest.


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Thanks for the update.

Hope it all goes well. Don't worry about us, we'll just have to struggle on without you. Just concentrate on getting yourself "serviceable" again.


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Thanks for the thoughts, folks - it's appreciated. :)................
So, I'll just be in "lurk" mode until sometime tomorrow morning, when they wheel me away to surgery. Won't be back on for at least a couple days afterwards, probably Sunday at the earliest.
Just curious if you brought your Bugle?
I have a mental picture of you blowing Reveille down the hallways on the way to the operating room :p


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I'm pretty sure we could smuggle in an EeePC with LTSpice, Multisim, Eagle, etc already loaded for you somehow.

It's a wee bit long of a drive to deliver, though.