Just Getting Started , guidance requested for the educational tools

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Brandon Malec

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Is there a specific order I should follow for the educational tools(Textbooks, Video Tutorials & Video Lectures)?
Do the video tutorials/ lectures line up with the textbooks?
Any help getting started and what path I should use would be much appreciated!


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Yes, start here- Top one will get you going faster than anything else from ground zero:

Title: Understanding Basic Electronics, 1st Ed.
Publisher: The American Radio Relay League
ISBN: 0-87259-398-3

After that, take advantage of AAC's stuff:


And then these:

The Art of Electronics 3rd Ed.
Author(s) Horowitz & Hill
ISBN-10: 9780521809269

Inductance Calculations
Author: Frederick W. Grover
ISBN-10: 048647440-2

Active Filter Cookbook; 2nd Ed.
Author: Don Lancaster
ISBN-13: 978-0750629867
ISBN-10: 075062986X

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Brandon Malec

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Thank you for this information.

However, I am not looking to purchase any other material, I want to just use the Textbooks (Vol. I - Vol. VI), video lectures & video tutorials that are provided on this website.

If you know of a good order to study these(do specific video lectures go with specific Vol.'s), that would be very helpful.



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Welcome to AAC!

I don't see any particular reason to skip the order as it is written.
More importantly, if you have any questions or need some further clarification that's what we are here for.

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Brandon Malec

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Do the videos correlate directly to chapters in each volume?

For example, does the video(Electrical Quantities B) correlate to a specific chapter?

I do not want to read all of the Volumes and then go to the videos. I want to so them simultaneously.
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