Junior Design Project communiction requirements for possible wearable device.

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Andrew Hartman

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I am currently looking into two different communications ideas for a wearable device design. I was initially leaning toward a Zigbee communication scheme but now I am thinking bluetooth would be the better option in the long run. Also with either idea I would need to be able to send and receive data regarding the wearers heart rate to determine sleep cycles, all using the MSP-430 to control it and then display the information on a screen. Where I am getting stuck is how to implement either of the two. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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I am not a user of MSP430 although I know it to be a strong contender
in cost and performance embedded market.

The PSOC is another contender, with its broad based analog capability as well
as ARM core and user defined and standard logic.

Their BT offering looks like -




http://www.cypress.com/training/pso...l-series-how-create-products-using-psoc-4-ble The first short video gives a good overview.

Another targeted part of the product line is PROC BLE -


Tool and compiler free - http://www.cypress.com/products/psoc-creator-integrated-design-environment-ide

Attached is a list of components for PSOC 5LP, 4 is a subset. A component
is an onchip resource.

Regards, Dana.


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