I've given up on Firefox


Joined Oct 10, 2014
You can get it to work for you with a few tricks. I think it really depends on how you are using FF. I use it with lots of open tabs, like a lot (nested vertical tabs on vertical monitor). I allow 4-8GB of ram for FF alone as if I didn't limit it it would such up all my RAM. I noticed a while back there is some kind of memory leak that hasn't been fixed in at least a few years so the ram usage keeps going up and up even if tabs are closed.

To see if you have the memory leak problem use FF for a day or so and open Task manager Process tab and look at the memory usage for FF. Now close all the tabs BUT NOT THE WINDOWS so that you only have a couple open. Wait 5 seconds or so. Look at the task manager Process tab under FF and see if the memory has dropped close to 50-120MB. I'm guessing it is still the same size as it was.

Now if you want to keep all the windows open but "purge the RAM" what you do is maybe 2x a day, open task manager & close FF with "end process". Open Firefox and you can restore all the tabs that were open by selecting "restore tabs".

It seems that there are some sites that tend to really clog up FF especially Youtube and other video sites (Ebay may be one as well). I think it may have to do with the programming language and how FF interprets it or handles it as I don't have any problems when I only visit certain cites on the browser but when I mix with random browsing it starts to slow then temp freezes.

I found that using Chrome for video and FF for browsing works well. I can't setup other browsers like FF so i'm kind of stuck for awhile.