Issues with getting started with GBIP instrument control

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Hi everybody,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help with regards to getting started with GBIP.
Recently, I managed to get hold of a 2nd hand National Instruments GBIP-USB-HS for peanuts and trying to learn about how to use it.

I am using the NI Measurement & Automation Explorer to try and send test instructions to my function generator.
The software is clearly communicating with my function generator as it keeps displaying "ERROR 91" when an instruction is sent.

For example:

Here is the thing, my function generator is something I bought 2nd hand a long time ago and consequently I have no manual for it. Equally, its incredibly rare device, to the point no one has heard of it (Thandar TG-401 - 4MHz Programmable Function Generator).

I did find a basic spec for the port, which is:

GPIB PROGRAMMING IEEE 488 – compatible, non isolated
ADDRESS: 0-31 internal switch selectable <--- The function generator is 30, I know that much!
SUBSETS: SH1, AH1, TS, TE0, L3, LE0, SR1, PP0, DC1, C0, E2
function and mode 5mS
others 10mS

Things that I have found online would suggest it could be pre 90s equipment, if that helps.

Thanks for any help!


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Me, too. I worked for HP. I made a working GPIB interface for my Vic 20.
Error code 19 indicates that the software is not finding the GPIB interface card. I am not very familiar with the NI software. It may be a faulty interface card or an interface configuration error.