Issue with using EMB1061 BLE module

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I'm using some of the BLE module, and the one I'm actually using is the EMB1061 module (of MXCHIP).

In the documentation, they explain what softawe to use, and what hardware is needed.
As mentionned in the documentation, I used the BlueNRG-1 (STSW-BNRG1STLINK), with the ST Link V2.

I didn't use before the ST Link V2, and no thing is mentionned in the doc about how using it (different pins to connect between the ST Link V2 and the EMB1061 module).

Did any one use the same module, and know how to use it please ?

I put the datasheet of the EMB1061 module, and the programming manuel as well.

Thanks for your help