Issue with Single Phase to Single Phase Cyclo converter Circuit.

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I am new at this forum.

I am trying to make a circuit for single phase to single-phase cyclo converter. Using Pic Micro Controller for Triggering Gate of Trails.

Triac -> BT151
Optocoupler -> MOC3021
For Trigring Triacs -> PIC Micro controller.

I was unable to find any circuit diagram with the Triac Driver part. After some experiments I found a method to trigger Triacs. The Problem When I try to Operate each bridge (Positive and Negative) separately both work fine but when I combine two Bridges in anti-parallel the fuse blows out.
I have checked much time, there is no shortage. Maybe I am not making the right circuit.

I am Using a 100 Watts Bulb at output and I don't have osciloscope available, I am not able to share output waveform. I have attached the circuit diagram of what I have made, I there is an issue with the circuit please suggest me the right circuit. Thanks