Isolating floating sensor from earth ground

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I am currently working on a piezoelectric sensor. . It needs power supply (+-5VDC, ~2mA) and a DAQ device for input and output signal (5VAC signal at ~100kHz, ~10mA). I want to isolate this sensor from the earth ground. So it will be floating, maybe to 100V from the earth ground.

My first though was to float everything (sensor, DAQ device, power supply). But my DAQ device is directly connected to my laptop, , see schematic. I do not think it is the best way to do.

As I have 2 way AC signals, my only solution is to use isolated transformer like BOURNS PAD001 (datasheet attached)
For the power supply, maybe I can use an isolated DC/DC converter like Traco Power TDR 2WI
And I mount these two on a PCB with floating ground on one part and earth ground on the other.

Is there a better way to do this kind of stuff?


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