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I'm looking for an accelerometer or other device that I can use to detect when my 36' RV is going up a slope, and has the res so that I can detect when I'm at 3ᴼ (or 5%) slope. I mostly care about having an accurate reading going up the slope, but I'd need the downhill reading too. And I suppose knowing the tilt would be important, I'll have to investigate that. I built a circuit back in '14 using a device, MM1260eg, but it just did not perform as expected, and doesn't seem to be available any search comes up empty. With all the damping needed because of the jerking around a big bus RV gets on the road above 35 MPH, fast response time would be helpful. I have investigated and dismissed all the typical methods like a weight hanging from the shaft of a pot as the wear factor would render the pot sketchy after a few thousand miles. A tiny ball captured in a round, multi-lead switch also has problems but if I found a precision device at low cost, might look at them again. Mercury switches would be pretty difficult to set up for what I have in mind for installation position setup.

The problem is finding a MEMS that has the res I need in the <$15 USD range. I need something like +/- 0.05ᴼ resolution I think.

The device will trigger a circuit that with other sensor inputs correct will turn on a propane valve for propane injection into a diesel engine when climbing hills, and shut it off when not. Or when other conditions are not met or are exceeded.

Anyone have a suggestion of which chip to use? Or other suggestions?