ISD1760 - playing different messages using pushbottons

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I am new here. I am a museum professional who occassionally develops small electronic projects for use in the museum. My main field is geology, but right now I am working on a historical exposition.

We want to integrate sounds/voice recordings in the exposition using sound chips like the ISD1760 or the ones with SD card.

In this specific case I was wondering if it is possible to use the ISD1760 chip to play the same message in 4 languages using pushbottons?

There is a specific exhibit, we install a box with sound chip/amplifier with 4 push buttons, and depending on nationality the visitor pushes the appropriate language button which plays a short message.

Is this possible with the ISD1760?

I mean, without the use of Arduino.

I would be grateful for advice how to proceed.


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Welcome to AAC.

How long do the messages need to be in seconds? Take a look at this. You can load up to five separate messages with total time of 200 seconds of low quality sound (perfectly fine for voice). Breaking that up into four, you could play up to about 50 seconds of audio per language. You have to convert the audio file into something acceptable for the device, but this isn't hard to do and everything is done via USB on a computer - no programming or circuit-building necessary. You can usually find these on eBay for a buck or two less after shipping from the same vendor.

Alternately, the vendor carries a single push button version, so if you need more than 50 seconds of audio (or better quality audio) you can get four modules and load a different language into each.

If the sound isn't loud enough, you should be able to hook the output to a pair of amplified computer speakers with some soldering, but I haven't tried this myself yet.


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Many thanks for your help! Indeed, this circuit would do exactly what I need, and even have longer playing time than the ISD1760!

This project is in the start-up phase and I need to keep it simple and cheap. This one will do.

If the experiment is successful, the museum might want to invest in a module (maybe with SD card) per language. That would easily be a couple of hundred units...

I will order a few to start with.