Is there a way to use Arduino shield with raspberry Pi pico ?

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I have a Arduino nano IO shield with screw connectors and I want to use it with pi pico . The problem is that pico and nano have different width and thus pico doesn't fit in Arduino Nano's shield.
The reason I want to do this is because I searched a lot but can't find any IO shield or even cnc shield for pico. And getting a custom PCB is lot mor expensive.
I am not sure if this question even belongs in " general electronics chat " category.
But any and all help and suggestions are appreciated.


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A Pi Pico screw shield may be a board worth drawing up!
You could make your own on a piece of Vero board, but just using an Arduino shield is not an option without a mechanical adapter of some sort. Also, you my need to take into account the Arduino 5V and Pi Pico 3.3V signals.