is there a multi channel smart current switch breakout?

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daz E

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as per title, just wondering if anyone knows where I can source one. ideally, quad channel smart switch capable of detecting and switching upto 10amp/12v DC per channel (30 max amp totalled across all channels)

Ideally for a raspberry pi2 in standard enclosure, arduino if not.

Ive seen some boards (sparkfun, adafruit) but these only have a single channel sense and no switch. Further, the switches ive seen do not switch 10amp unless solid state relays on the board are included which makes the fitment in a small space impossible.

Other options I've thought about but discounted because of the number of boards (and space) needed are :
* multiplexer + single channel sense + 4 channel switch
* 4 channel sense and 4 channel switch (although couldnt find a 4 channel sense)
* hall effect sensors off board (over DC wire) but this isnt very accurate because I want resolution to 0.05amp

I'd like to (if poss) include the breakout board in the same enclosure as the pi motherboard. the project will not use a display or wifi so power consumption (heat dissipation / cooling) will not be an issue.

Thank you in advance