Is my CPU in HALT (IDLE) or STOP mode?


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X1 is 0hms to GND either when power On or OFF.
Then that is your fault.
It might be the capacitor on that pin; It might be the chip itself with an internal short; it might be a fleck of solder/wire/etc shorting that pin to ground.
If the chip is in a socket, remove it and see whether the short is in the chip or on the board.

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Thanks for your help Albert. I will get the test done.

If I understood:

- The processor turns ON
- It does all the INT, RESET and NIW check.
- If required it goes on STOP or HALT mode then the processor internally shorts its X1 pin to VSS as an instruction.
- The processor turns OFF and the instruction in form of current that sustained the short of X1 pin to VSS is lifted.
- Then when testing the X1 to GND with the processor of it should never be 0ohms.
- If the short stays after the processor is OFF then it is physically and internally shortened.