Is it possible to build Self charging Inverter unit

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Jerry Unamba

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I have been thinking of the possibility of building a self charge unit that is made up of inverters, batteries, chargers, alternator and a motor.
I am not an electrical or electronics engineer, however, I love trying out new things.

What I think of doing is to get a 12volts inverter connected to a 12volts battery , then get a 12v 20amps alternator connected to the battery driven by a motor. I intend powering the motor using energy from the same battery.
My question is, will the current/voltage produced by the alternator good enough to charge battery or would it need some modifications
Secondly, how do I protect the battery from over charging? I was thinking of a solar panel charge controller,would this work?


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If such a perpetual-motion self-charging configuration actually worked, don't you think someone else would have done it by now? :rolleyes:


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