Is extensively studying algorithms & data structures, beneficial for an embedded systems engineer ?


Joined Feb 24, 2006
Absolutely. Even if you never use any of the example algorithms it gives you a mental library of tools to use when creating your own data structures and algorithms. I spent half a century on Embedded Systems and the course of study that helped me the most was compiler design and construction which is, to say the least, heavy on data structures, algorithms, scaffolding, debugging and many other things too numerous to mention. I've never written a compiler, but I have written numerous assemblers and command line interpreters for my embedded systems. The inclusion of self debugging features in an embedded system has definitely allowed me to bring products to market faster than you would think humanly possible. Idea to working pre-production boards in nine days.


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Absolutely. Knowing tried and true algorithms gives you a solid base to build your own (or scratch off the serial numbers and reuse those). Data structures are incredibly usefull tools to collect related data.


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In many ways it is even more important in the embedded world because you are more resource constrained in both time and memory. So having a bag of different data structures and algorithms that allow you to match the resource tradeoffs against the application needs is of extreme value.