5th sem Electronics and communication student studying in Karnataka.

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Hello everyone.
I am in 5th sem ECE.
I am struggling to choose the right subject.
My college is offering me to choose between two subjects i.e,
Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Automotive Electronics.
I need your help in guiding me to choose the right subject which will be more helpful for my future as suppose you are all expirienced with the industry needs and requirements of present day ECE market


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This is entirely on you. Don't take a course to chase the almighty dollar (or whatever currency you use). When I was in school, computer engineering was the "New Hotness" and everyone gravitated towards that. Motorola/Apple/Intel engineers were going to be making BAJILLIONS of dollars when they graduated. I was fascinated by playing with 1000s of volts and amps so went into Power Electronics.... glad I did. Love what I do and there is a demand for it.


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I would only say that at some point it would be helpful to have some introduction into programming language basics. What do you envision wanting to do? Where is your vision of the future leading you and piquing your interests? A well-rounded engineer is a better engineer in my experience.