IRA-S210ST01 PIR sensor can still work through the glass cover?

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Does anyone know if the IRA-S210ST01 PIR sensor can still work through the glass cover?
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It should work. A while back I used a different type of IR sensor. It was an IR emitter and detector in the same package mounted on a pair of eyeglasses to detect eye movement. The glass did not affect the sensitivity.
As far as I know, - through the glas (not plastic) not at all, because PIRs detect the body temperature, and the glas is opaque for the IR wave lengthes below 100^C. I am not sure, but recall a "myth busters" video, if it were possible to hide behind a glas panel from the PIR detectors of the alarm systems, and it worked.


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Yes, I'll second ColdWeather's advice.
Certainly the PIR sensors used in alarm systems do not trigger if the subject is behind a single sheet of 4-mm window glass.
The "cover" on PIR motion sensors is normally thin polypropylene or polyethylene moulded as a Fresnel type lens.
If the sensor did trigger through glass, every local cat would set it off.
One external PIR sensor sensor I have, with plastic lens, will pick up objects as small as a rat at 5 or 6 metres.


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If the PIR sensor is fitted with an IR emitter for night work, the glass will give a problem.
I have found that the glass reflects a highish level of IR back into the PIR and reduces the detection sensitivity,

If you use a night IR camera with IR emitter, the reflected IR from the glass washes out the night image on the camera.