IR Transmitter circuit help


Joined Jan 17, 2007
After doing some additional research on circuits i came across one of these little micro controller chip. Does anyone know if i can use one an Attiny85 micro-controller in place of the 555 timer to reproduce the modulated signal that the receiver is looking for using arduino code, and interface it with an IR Led to accomplish the same thing? I'm just thinking that i'd like to keep this circuit as compact as possible, and adding another 555 timer will take up some real estate that i don't have room for.
A 556 is like two 555s put together, and it doesn't take too much real estate. And yes, you could accomplish what you want (more precise and stable, btw) with an MCU. I only know the 8081 and PIC10LFxxxx architectures, though. And the latter at beginner's level.