Simple transmitter/reciever radio circuit help for a novice

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I want to build a simple transmitter and reciever so I can turn off a golf cart wirelessly. At work we share a golf cart with different workers for different things but we tend to need it most while others are lazy which isn't the point. I want to kill the cart wirelessly so none knows who did it. This is because my co workers act like baby's about using it so if they think it dosnt work they will leave it alone. They tend to take off with my tools inside the cart.

So I'd like anywhere from a foot to a few hundred feet of range if practical. All I need to do is activate a normally closed relay. The N.C contact will simply open and top the cart. Well I also need a way to release the relay input to close again when all is good.

I am a novice In radio theory can someone recommend a schematic and explain it for learning or recommend a good tutorial?


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If you're using a golf cart technology like operating a sand dunes buggy kind of thing (comparatively same quality & size )shall be a waiting time requirements engineering search request in like magazine photos ,etc(DIA/2001/MAN-90-33/32);):cool: