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hello guys, i have purchased 1 ir sensor from, this is the sensor i want to make human sensing mirror light, like when we go in front of the mirror then it should glow, i tried it, but its not sensing properly. the thing is that as soon as light gets on, it starts malfucntioning.check the sensor from link and suggest me something. I also tried from robu and electrocomp but same is happening. pls suggest me something.

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Did you read the description in the url that you posted? They state that the range is 5 t0 10 cm but it's more like 3 to 5 cm in non ideal situations. They also state:
Tips and tricks
Many people have complained that this IR sensor does not work in the day light. This is not completely true.
We have a simple hack to make it work in day light. Cover the LED with black tape so that only the upper part of the led is exposed to the object. Due to this, the day light coming from other sides will not affect the working of the sensor.
To detect the human being or any other living thing then we suggest you to use the PIR sensor. It has a range of 2 meters and day light does not effect how it works.

You can get that same module much cheaper from AilExpress ($0.47 CAD) and many other types.

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Get yourself a TSOP4838 or similar 38khz receiver and modulate the signal yourself. Ive had excellent results reflecting the signal off my body when walking by around 1-2m (not beam breaking). If you use as a beam breaker the distance is upwards of 10m when modulated to filter out ambient infared. Also look into ultrasonic sensor for Arduino which can augment infared nicely.