Iphone 5 GPS antenna replacement

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Ok so I started this journey with thisvideo on how to remove the Iphone 5's gps antenna. I followed all the instructions and purchased all the required materials and had exact duplicated results. So my next step in this voyage is to solder the new GPS antenna on to the logic board of the Iphone 5. I did some research and discovered that it was going to require solder paste. My question is how do I know what solder paste to apply, how to apply it, and if there are any tips to making this go smoothly THE FIRST TIME.

The challenges I have pre-determined will be:

1. keeping the new gps centered on the "centering pads", that the youtube tutorial references with red and green arrows towards the end of the video, thus ensuring that the long row of soldering pads on left side of the gps antenna align perfectly with the soldering pads on the logic board.

2. Applying the right amount of solder paste, and doing so accurately, to the pads so as to not cause bridging when the gps is pressed into place on the logic board.

I very much appreciate any and all help from the All About Circuits community.


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Good luck. I am not sure any component can be soldered with a $10 soldering iron from RadioShack by someone with no experience.

Practice. Buy a cheap protoboard and solder paste from RadioShack and some 30 gauge wire (or finer). Better yet, take apart one of those really cheap electric wall clocks. There is a coils of wire inside that is about 42 gauge.

Then practice a few times. And a few more into smaller and smaller pads.

Careful not to overheat the pad or it will detach and you will need a new phone. Again, good luck. Good tools, practice and patience create a luckier environment.