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Hello and thanks always.

I am interested in learning about IoT technology but don't know where to start. Granted I got some books about it (made a search in amazon and got some) and they usually are "DIY project based" which is not bad- I love doing projects with them. So far I haven't done them yet, I am starting with one but still having problems with the wireless communication part - will post about it in other thread- but I am interested in learning about the field in a more broad way, professional like.

Issues that interest me are for example:

-What is the basic framework of a IoT system? How does it relates with cloud computing? What technologies should I learn about this- protocols and stuff

- What are the issues with security in transmission, storage etc of sensible data?

-Which companies offer these kind of services (in the projects I have seem there are always things like IFTT or CocoaMilk or any other sites which offer storage of data)

Does any of you know about:

  • Books, tutorials or other resources
  • Learning programs (if online much better) both free and payed and certifications if they exist
  • Other things that I should be aware

Would appreciate very much any comment advice or pointer in this issue



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I can't help you with most of that, but one suggestion I can offer is to learn what the major players are already doing. For instance, I'm working on a project using Apple's HomeKit technology. They've solved a number of the security issues inherent in having things in your home connected to the internet. Of course there are other products already out there, such as the Nest products, a bunch of LED bulbs and more. I think you should be up to date on what is being done by who, to get a sense of state of the art and where it's going to be in a couple years.


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I think a great project would be an IoT honeypot. A device with an SD Card and as many fictitious names and addresses as you could hold. If they steal enough worthless stuff maybe the dark lord will stop paying for it.