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Dear All About Circuit Users,

First of all hello. I hope you're doing well.

I wanted to resort you about a problem that I faced during calculating and testing an inverter circuit that I had created. My problem is about bootstrap network. At start up, when the bootstrap capacitor is filled up, the inrush current exceeds 40A. I chose LM7812 to supply the Vcc pin of the IR2110 driver and this pulsed current rating is quite high despite it happens in a very short time interval. And I'm getting not just only this spike, but also another high current spikes comes shortly after it is observed. I tried to put a series resistor in front of the capacitor but I didn't sort it out since my circuit's timing requirements didn't meet it.

If you wouldn't mind, I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions about possible solutions and suggestions. I also added photo of the circuit that I drew, sketch of it on Multisim and 12V voltage regulator's output current graph.

I'm looking forward to get feedback from you.

Thank you,

Hamdi Levent BOZOĞLU
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