Interfacing Controller and relay

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Saiteja chinthalapati

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I want to develop a module in which i have to operate 32 relays.
1. Controller ----->Shift Register------>ULN2003------> Relay

but i don't want to use shift register. Can some one suggest me alternate for this. Controller input is DMX-512


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hi S,
As a S/Reg is the obvious choice for operating the relays sequentially, why do you not want to use that solution.??


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Possibly you misunderstand the purpose of the shift register. In this case it is used as a serial to parallel data converter.
The data is shifted out of the controller on one pin (with another used for the clock). A third pin latches the data out AFTER it is shifted into the register. So the relays all change together (or stay unchanged) - the relay state does not shift.

So there is 32 stage shift register but this is followed by a 32-bit latch that actually holds the relay state. This latch is only updated after the new data is shifted into the shift register.


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You could have a look at some latches.. such as the 74HC573, these can allow a faster "parallel" type multiplexer interface for switching.


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This is a solution for the 32 bit SR register with parallel load, parallel out. Single chip.
In fact most of this chips resources un-used, see right hand window which shows re-
sources used/left. Chip is PSOC 5LP. The load comes from 4 - 8 bit registers internal
that you write before you load the internal 32 bit SR shown below from the registers.

The DMX controller solution could possibly be ported from a PSOC 1 design into this
chip as well.

The design routed and built fine. The only thing I am unsure about is the cascade
method as datasheet for the SR component (in PSOC a component is an onchip resource) is
incomplete as it is a community designed component using Verilog. So would have to check SO/SI
operation chip to chip. In any event can be made to work. Or the community component could
be modified as a 32 bit component vs the 8 bit as provided, eg. mod the Verilog code.


IDE, PSOC Creator, and compiler free.

Regards, Dana.
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A user in PSOC can create custom components, either from a schematic or verilog.

This was done using schematic. Inverter just to test it out. Note very few resources used
in the chip, see right hand window.

Again this is a one chip design.


Regards, Dana.


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Just a side thought...

If you are driving 32 relays why not use an 8 channel chip instead of 7, unless you want to use the extra channels?