Interface the prototype board to software on PC

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Hi all,

I have an idea. I am not sure whether I'll be able to implement it or not. I need your guidance.
Idea- We all design the circuit on breadboard for testing, if it works then we select some tools(eagle etc.) to create the schematic and PCB. I want to interact the breadboard to the Software and when you design your circuit like led blinking with arduino then with the help of USB protocol, the whole circuit(schematic) will be created on the software and we can then switch that schematic to the board design. My idea is similar like what fritzing does but I want my hardware board to interact with software.

Is it a feasible idea which can be implemented? If it is, then please provide me some guidance or some documentation which I can refer and explore things.
Any help will be appreciated.


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I can't see any way that a uC pin can tell whether it is connected to a resistor and an LED or a relay coil. Even less can it know what the relay contacts are connected to.