interface parallax controller with +/-5v Analog output using ADC

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I am using parallax propeller micro controller and I wanted to interface 0-10v ADC but Is it possible to read rail to rail analog input of +/-5v with this ADC or should I use some other schematic?

your suggestions will be appreciated.


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Basically you have to offset the input signal into the common mode range of the

First a question, what is the resolution and accuracy your are shooting for ?

Worst case you would use split supplies (charge pump part to generate from a single
supply) and an OpAmp summer to pass the signal with a DC offset. This of course
adds error to the problem. Or you create a virtual ground for the sensor that is offset
so its range out is 0 - 10.

Or, expensive, use isolation amplifiers that uncouple the grounds.

Regards, Dana.