intelligent traffic light

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Hi All, My English not good. But i need to your help for my project.
I'm design Traffic light with IC digital.
my project is two roads intelligent traffic light and required from me to design the circuit to count from 30 to 0 then the led become red and count again from 30 to 0 then the led become green and from 5 to 0 the led became yellow by 7-segment .
If the second road carrying a red signal was heavy traffic more than a kilometer makes the signal green and the first road that carries a green signal becomes a red signal.
and If the road with the red signal is an ambulance, the signal will turn into a green signal until the ambulance passes.
i used the two 7-segment for each roads and Ic 7447 for decoder and Ic 74192 for count down 30-0 and Ic 555 for the led (red,green and yellow) but i can't do another two required wanted in the circuit :(
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Why are you using old fashioned TTL parts when CMOS logic would probably be easier to use, and so would a microcontroller? (Why do you need to use those parts that you mentioned?)