Intelligent access control based on ESP32

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Required materials

KOB electronic lock
STONE STWI070WT-01 touch panel display
MFRC522 module

Realized function

1. card registration.
2. username and password registration.
3. card swipe to unlock the electronic lock.
4. User name and password to unlock the electronic lock.

About RFID Module

The original Philips MFRC522 chip design circuit card reader is easy to use and low cost, and applies to the user equipment development, The reader and the development of advanced applications, and the need for the user RF card terminal design/production. This module can be directly loaded into various reader modules. It utilizes a voltage of 3.3V, through the SPI interface with simply a few wires. Directly connected with a CPU motherboard, the module can work in a stable and reliable manner as a distance card reader.

Connection diagram


GUI design