Integrated Circuits on PC Monitor Power Board.

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Hello everyone.

I have a challenging power board that I am trying to sort out. I could bin this thing but I'm stubborn.

The problem was hazy display. Horizontal lines.

So I opened it up and there was significant signs of overheating on two parts of the board. See the attached pic.

The rest of the monitor seems to be fine. No signs of damage.

One of the caps in the corner was obviously blown. The rest appeared to be ok. But I replaced them anyway.

I also replaced a couple of diodes on the board.

Didn't fix the problem.

There is an integrated circuit on the board that also shows signs of overheating. You can see that in the pic.

There is no identification on this IC. It appears to have been covered up or deliberately removed.

(Maybe it's top secret. There are a couple of these boards on ebay and the ICs all look like that)

U901. It has 11 pins. Does anyone know what this IC is? Or what it might be. A suggestion?

Tall order I know but this is the first PC monitor I have opened up. I am wondering if there's a one size fits all IC.

Any thoughts at all?



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You know what? This always happens.

As soon as I had posted that I zoomed in on the picture of the board and saw a little fuzz along one edge of teh IC.

So I have had it under a microscope and that slight fuzziness is actually some identification markings.

LNK6764V 3G692D 1409. So small. Necessarily so I suppose.

I thought about deleting this post but hey it might come in handy for someone else.

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LNK6764V is a Switchmode psu chip...

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Yep. Found a datasheet last night. It's an eDIP-12B V package according to that to be precise.
I've found a supplier who has an eDIP-11 in stock. Looks the same but I'm not sure if it is the same spec or not.
Can't find any info on it.
I've made enquiries. Would you know the difference by any chance?

Thanks for your response.