Information gathering about 16x16x16 RGB LED cube

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Hi Community,

I plan to build a 16x16x16 RGB LED Cube and i calculated that per layer i Would Need per color a total amount of 5.12 Amps as one LED needs 20mA at 100% which would be 256 LEDs Times 3 as it is a RGB LED Results in 15.36 Amps for all to be bright at 100% and resulting a White color, The Red LED needs 2V and The Green and blue would Need 3V to operate correctly, they are Common Anode RGB LEDs.

I have a 12V 46 Amps Server Power supply 80 plus Platinum so The Amps shouldnt be The Problem, so my Question is: how do i Control The layers? Because i am Not Sure What mosfet i should use for this Application, my thought was to Control The mosfet with a 16 Channel demux by a microcontroller, but Not Sure yet If The Idea with The mosfet is a good one, thats why i better ask Here

Second thought about The cathode Control:

They would be 768 Controls for all 256 Times 3 cathodes, using only TLC5940 would make The Project significantly more expensive, i thought of MAX7219 as Controller.

I am Open to Suggestions, feel free to Tell me what would be a good Idea and What Not



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I can't speak to the control circuits, but do yourself a favor and derate the diodes to about 15mA or less, you won't notice a big difference but it will save power.

And you might want to experiment with them because when all three are lit...the "white" may not be exactly what you want.