Inexpensive sacrificial connector and mate

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I have a dilemma. We are setting up for a production run of some custom devices. Our customer desires to attach their own connector on this, so I am left with 12 non-terminated wires (20 and 22 AWG) to attach and unattach every time the thing gets tested, and it gets tested a minimum of 4 times before it goes out the door.

One of the tests is environmental screening, shake and bake at -55 to +74°C at several G's random.

Our process guy found a nice cheap connector to use so we could purchase an assembly with our wires stripped and tinned, drop it in the unit and have a simple connection for test. Once it has passed the final step is cut off the connector and ship the rest.

A great method, but his choice of connector is only good for 25 connection cycles. Fine for the DUT, not so good for my fixture. I have not found anything else to use.

So the question is... anyone know of a low cost simple connector that has a good temperature range AND rated for a high number of connection cycles?