Inductor energy storage - can it compete with capacitor?


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Super conductive magnets like the NMR magnets can have currents upto 200 Amps.
The charging and discharging of those magnets goes over a table with voltages.
You can access the coil by opening the cryoswitch.
This is a part of the superconducting coil with the current leads on the ends.
By heating the cryoswitch, the coil can be accessed and been charged or discharged.
When you do not follow the table a quench may happen.
During a quench the super conductivity is lost and all the liquid helium is boiled off at once.
Having a quench is like filling the room with cold helium gas, so for safety, there must be a way out of the room.
Helium gas has about 700 times more volume as the liquid helium.
Here is a video how a quench looks like:



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At the resonace frequency both are identically equal.
I mean by energy.
And rougly for the size too.
However at frequencies far below the resonance sure a capacitor is winning a race whilst over the resonance frequency the winner is coil.