Induction heater with high Q Factor

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Consider Parallel LC Resonance Induction heater.

The material to be heated is from copper

(it has relative magnetic permeability 1 and does not change with different temperatures)

and is placed inside Inductor coil and there is Air gap between the coil perimeter and the material.

Like this one on the picture: enter image description here Source:

The shape of the material is Cylindrical.

Is it possible to design induction heater with high Q factor (above 100) when the copper cylindrical workpiece is inserted in the heating coil

(There is Air gap between coil and copper material)?

Perhaps with very high frequency? Thank you.


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I might be wrong but, a high Q factor means very little energy lost out of the LC tank. So very little heating. The opposite of what you want for induction heating.


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Bob is totally correct and on point here. The sole purpose of induction heating is to cause circulating currents that heat the material. The best induction heating is that which has the greatest power lost in the material.


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Of course, the Q of the L and C should be high when there is no metal being heated. Perhaps this is what the OP means. You do that by minimizing the series resistances.


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So, basically it requires higher currents to get the same heating in copper as you would get in iron? And consequently, lower efficiency due to higher Ohmic losses?