Indoor Hydroponic Project help: App control and/or Touchscreen

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I currently have 500W of LED grow lights growing assorted greens and herbs on a multi-tiered shelving rack. The electric components include twenty(20) 24W LED lights, a water pump for circulating water and nutrients, an aeration stone, and 4 fans. As a DIY project, I am wanting to explore the possibility of (a) mounting a touchscreen to the rack where I can control all of the electronics, or (b) controlling it on my phone through wifi connection. I haven't explored digital electronics in over a decade so I would greatly appreciate advice and direction on an appropriate circuit board/microcontroller, wiring, power source, and software. Thanks


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Have a look at the website..
I have no connection with them other that buying some of their EBooks.

It sounds like an ESP8266 or ESP32 would be ideal for your application.
They can lead you through all you need to even have your system remotely monitored if you want.
The ESP8266 and ESP32 connect to WiFi, and can control your process. Also, the boards are very cheap.
If you want, they also have tutorials on Arduinos.
Most of their posts are free or you can purchase eBooks to keep it all together.


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I put together a hydroponics system similar to what you describe. As mentioned, an ESP32 driving a relay board. I hacked ericBclock as an interface. I’ll get back to that project soon and add data collection.