increase range of ir receiver (TSMP58000)

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Hi Guys,

Need some help with my project. I'm using TSMP58000 for code repeating purpose. However my requirement is to have long range around 20mtrs. According to datasheet of the sensor it only supports upto 5mtrs. That too becomes half when operated from 45 deg. My circuit is based on application circuit in the data sheet.

Data sheet :

Is there any way to increase the range of this IR receiver? I have tried TSMP58138 but it only outputs 38kHz and also misses lots of pulses.
Is there any other alternative to TSMP58000? any other manufacturer may be.


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My circuit is more like this. This is based on TSMP58138. But since it wasn't responding well i used same circuit using TSMP58000.


I'm quite new to electronics. Is it possible to change in values of resistors or capacitors to make TSMP more sensitive?
The transistor used is BC847B,215. The power is 5V.

I have no control over the IR led as its different TV remotes that I am trying. Its usually RC6 or NEC protocol. As I move far away from my receiver the IR goes dimmer. I tested this by plugging normal led in place of TSAL.



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From my experience, 65 ft. with TV remote is next to impossible. Range can be extended with a conical
reflector, maybe 5 mm small end, 15 mm big end & 40 mm long. Small end touching IR receiver. On remote could try a plastic lens, 50 mm dia. with around 70 mm focal length , give or take. Try with a red or white LED
to see how small of a spot you can make at a distance. Make a cradle to hold remote & lens.
Another thought, make a repeater with IR transistor amplifier & higher power narrow beam IR emitter with lens.


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Try adding a lens to put more signal on the sensor. Also, add some forward bias to the base of the first transistor so that it is just starting to conduct a bit. That should improve the sensitivity.