In parameter LKA system state, actually what is "System is actuating" value mean?

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Protocol: J1939
Parameter Group: Active Steering Systems Controls 1 (ASSC1)
Parameter Group Number (PGN): 0xF13D
Parameter: Lane keeping assist (LKA) system state
Suspect Parameter Number (SPN): 9756

This parameter indicates the current state of the LKA feature. It's a 4-bit parameter. It has 16 states. One of the states is as follows:
0101b = System is actuating
What does this state mean?

The application is commercial truck.
The LKA feature is in the camera ECU. If the vehicle gets close to the lane marking, camera transmits torque demand message to the steering ECU to steer vehicle to center of the lane.

When does camera ECU broadcast "System is actuating" state? Does it broadcast this state when steering ECU applies torque to bring vehicle back to center of lane? Does steering ECU need to listen to this state? If yes, how should steering ECU use this state?

Is this a feedback to steering ECU? Camera is saying to steering ECU, I demanded torque and you are applying torque or actuating the system?