In Common mode choke core how is AL value and impedance related?

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I have AL value and the dimensions of the core (oval) but I don't have permeability. I want to know the relationship between AL, L0 and Z. How are they related.


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If I remember correctly, AL value = nH per single turn. From this, you can calculate the number of turns required for any value of inductance. Can't remember the formula - will have to check. I'm sure Google (or another search engine) will point you to the answer.
Losses, saturation, ect. depend on other factors.


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That's the easy way to quickly check AL. A more former definition is AL = (L in nanohenries)/(turns squared), which is the same as L over 1 in the case of 1 turn.

Thinking back a ways, the number of turns used in the test is often stated.